Air Curtain

The air curtain, is the ideal solution for creating a barrier effect between an indoor space and the outdoor environment. Placed in the ideal position over the doorway, the curtain stops polluted outdoor air from entering, maintaining a healthy and comfortable environment in the indoor space.

The air curtain is an indoor unit which keeps out dust, exhaust fumes, smoke, unpleasant odors and insects (such as flies and mosquitoes) without impeding access. The unit protects the indoor environment while letting customers come and go freely. The air curtain is invisible, and makes it extremely simple to bring in and handle stock and goods on the premises.





3 speed fan

The PAR-30MAA, PAR-21MAA or PAR- F27MEA remote controls may be used to select from a choice of 3 different fans speeds (selected from an initial choice of 6 during initial installation).


Uniform delivery air

Tested in accordance with ISO 27327 standards, VRF air curtains by Mitsubishi Electric offer class-beating delivery air uniformity levels (92%).


EcoPower Air technology

VRF air curtains feature EcoPower Air technology, which increases air flow speed and uniformity and maximises the energy efficiency of the unit.

EcoPower Air technology employs a specifically designed air plenum, a converging delivery nozzle and an active cellular air outlet grille to ensure a more effective barrier action and increase performance.


Correct installation

When choosing an air curtain, it is very important to ensure that the air barrier is wider than the door it protects and is not installed at a height of more than 3.8 m. These requisites must be met for the barrier to function effectively.