PSA Series

Installation of this floor-standing series is easy and quick. An excellent choice when there is a sudden need for an air conditioner to be installed.


Quick and Easy Installation, Space-saving and Design That Compliments Any Interior

The floor-standing indoor unit is mounted on the floor, enabling quick installation. Its compact body requires only minimal space.




4-way pipe work connections enable greater freedom in installation

Remarkable freedom in choosing installation sites is allowed by providing piping connection to the indoor unit in four places: left side, back, from underneath and on the right side of the unit. Even installation in the corner of a room is easy.




Built-in Remote Controller

Easy Operation with Built-in PAR-21MAA Remote Controller Icon, letter and number visibility are improved with the adoption of a dot liquid-crystal display (LCD), and operation management functions have been increased. This remote controller has several functions such as : limited temperature range setting, weekly timer, auto off timer, operational lock, multi lingual display ect.