About us

About us

UNI-KLIMA Company Ltd was founded in 2003 by Mr. Flamur QYTYKU with the goodwill to build a sustainable business for the heating-cooling systems. As a result of a very good management, the company has been able to catch a good share of the market being ranked among the first companies to air conditioning systems. It offers a wide range of products and services ranging from individual air conditioners to complex systems such as Multi Inverter and VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow). We design, install, implement and provide technical assistance for air conditioning systems.

In 2012 the company scored another success in its way to growth. It added as a new partner MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC EUROPE BV Company. UNI-KLIMA Company is An Authorized Distributor of Japanese Brand, MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC for Albania. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners bring comfort, efficiency and durability using the latest technology with the Mitsubishi Electric Quality (MEQ).


Higher performance, lower power consumption and longer life…
When it comes to comfort, efficiency and durability, Mitsubishi Electric is distinctive, and in a very good way. It is called MEQ – Mitsubishi Electric Quality. It’s simply a different standard. The MEQ standard results in products at the leading edge of technology; air conditioners that consume minimal power and protect your investment through a long operational lifespan; built to take the punishment of extreme weather conditions year in and year out.


Clean air, optimum temperature distribution and silent operation… MEQ has led to the development of state-of-the-art air purification and deodorization filters that remove unwanted odors and impurities in the air. Original airflow technologies and specially designed components provide even temperature distribution – even in remote regions of a room. At Mitsubishi Electric, comfort doesn’t simply mean cool or warm, it means clean and quiet too.


Optimum cost performance and energy savings…MEQ results in air conditioners that are rated among the best in the industry in terms of quality and energy efficiency. We strive for a perfect balance of performance, reliability, low power consumption and long operational life. This is complemented by continuously introducing new technologies and components that further reduce energy requirements and improve eco-friendliness.


Rugged construction, rigorous testing, long-lasting operation…MEQ is behind a mindset that goes to extremes to ensure higher quality products that protect the initial investment over years of reliable service.