A smart air conditioning and hot water supply system conceived from eco-conscious ideas Mr. SLIM+ has a heat recovery function, which uses waste heat from air conditioners to heat water. Thanks to heat recovery, Mr. SLIM+ model can achieve a COP of 7.0*, resulting in intelligent systems with amazing efficiency. Mr.SLIM+ Various operations Specifications *Conditions for air-to-air cooling: Indoor 27°C (dry bulb) 19°C (wet bulb); Outdoor 35°C (dry bulb)


Air conditioning and hot water supply matching the needs of each room

All-in-one outdoor unit (air conditioning, domestic hot water supply and hot water heating)

Mr.SLIM for Air-to-Air

Mr.SLIM+ utilizes a duct system that enables the air conditioning or heating of multiple rooms, and other indoor unit type systems that is possible to fit various applications.

ECODAN for Air-to-Water

✓Domestic hot water supply

✓Heating for multiple rooms

Various operations


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