WIZARDX innovative ready to use solution for the fresh air treatment



WIZARDX are units for the treatment of fresh outdoor air, characterized by innovative enthalpy rotary heat recovery and low energy consumption fans.
Thanks to the use of the PAC-IF 013 card the unit is perfectly matched to the external direct expansion unit, Mr. Slim, managing its operation to maximum efficiency even in the presence of complex systems with multiple external units.

Ideal Applications

  • Offices
  • Independent shops
  • Museums and theaters
  • Sport centers


– C-OU Fresh airt treatment with neutral conditions only
– B-OU Fresh air treatment with powered coil for better dehumidification
– E-OU Fresh air treatment with neutral conditions only and multi-circuit direct expansion coil.

WIZARDX combination and extensive units

WIZARDX was designed to work in conjunction with Mr. Slim heat pumps.
Managed by the advanced logic of the PAC-IF 013 card installed inside the electrical panel, WIZARDX is able to communicate simultaneously with multiple Mr. Slim units in the Standard Inverter version and Mr. Slim units in the Power Inverter version.

High Efficiency in the thermal exchange

The use of rotary recovery systems combined with the direct expansion technology allows heat exchanges with high levels of efficiency.
The use of the outdoor unit Mr. Slim, equipped with an inverter, further contributes to minimizing energy consumption.

Perfect integration with direct expansion system

WIZARDX has been designed to work in perfect synergy with Mr. Slim.
The combination of the internal battery optimized with the R410A ecological refrigerant and the direct expansion systems ensures optimal performance, reliability, and easy installation.

High precision control

Advanced control logic and technical components with a high regulation capacity, such as EC plug fans, the enthalpy wheel and the direct expansion coil, allows the thermal and air renewal requirements to be achieved perfectly. The continuous and precise modulation of the resources ensures maximum comfort in the environment and minimizes energy consumption.

Plant simplification

WIZARDX is presented as a ready-to-use unit. All the control, regulation, and safety components are already installed inside the unit
and tested. WIZARDX can therefore be quickly connected to Mr. Slim external units without the need for any special unit configurations.

Technological choices


The functional heart of the WIZARDX is the electronic controller with an advanced microprocessor capable of managing all the control and regulation functions of both the WIZARDX unit and its optional accessories as well as the system’s safety functions.
For the B-OU and E-OU versions, which require multiple Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim outdoor units, the integration of the exclusive Mitsubishi IMOUC protocol (Intelligent Multiple Outdoor Units Control) optimizes power levels and maximizes energy efficiency. During heating mode, the protocol manages the defrost phases of the external units in sequence with the objective of maintaining the required temperature set controlling both the delivery and recovery temperature.


Double wall sandwich panels with a thickness of 45 mm and internal galvanized steel sheet. External sheet in pre-plasticized galvanized steel.
The frame has double chamber aluminum profiles and panels fixed with concealed screws.


Direct expansion coil optimized for operation with R410A refrigerant.

Entalpic rotary heat recovery

The entalpic heat recovery of the WIZARDX units represents the most efficient recovery system available on the market with yields from 60% to 90% compared to traditional solutions.
Key component is the enthalpy wheel, made with alternatively flat and corrugated aluminum sheets subjected to hygroscopic treatment that creates a very high exchange surface in relation to the volume. This solution makes it possible to recover both latent and sensitive heat with a noticeable increase in the overall efficiency of the unit.

Designed according to the highest quality standards that have always characterized Mitsubishi Electric products, WIZARDX stands out for its technical characteristics and cutting-edge construction and attention to details of the base unit and each individual accessory.


The standard version of the uniti s supplied with G4 + F7 filters on the delivery and G4 on the return.
For a higher filtration, bag filters with F9 efficiency and bag filters with F7 efficiency equipped with activated carbon to ensure a better effect in deodorization, are available.


Supply and exhaust centrifugal fans with backward blades of the PLUG FAN type, with free impeller and motor directly integrated into the fan structure for a more compact construction and ventilation efficiency.
Thanks to the composite material structure and the electronic commutation engine technology, WIZARDX EC plug fans guarantee better energy performance and very low energy consumption.
As an option it is possible to install fans with a higher prevalence (HP).


Air quality control in the environment with CO2 probe

Pre-heating and re-heating electric or hot water coils

BMS system connections


Recirculation damper section


Aluminum roof foroutdoor installations.

Steam humidifier section

Additional section equipped with an immerse electrodes steam producer to contribute to the rooms humidification.

Dampers for fresh air intake, supply, return and exhaust air flows

HP high pressure fans

Available or both the supply and exhaust fans