Introducing a new type of ceiling cassette for the Multi-Split Series with streamed interior dimensions and a sharp, sleek appearance.


Capacity kW

Capacity kW

Slim Design

Industry leading slim body realized a simple design with linear beauty.

Ceiling Mounted

Installing the ceiling-mounted MLZ Series unit in a room creates a more spacious feel that enhances room comfort.

This overhead format is also an excellent solution when lighting equipment is installed at the centre of the room and fixtures such as book shelves are mounted on wall surfaces.

Slim Body

The new units are designed with a slim body (only 185mm high), ensuring easy installation even when low ceiling cavities limit installation space.

The need for ceiling cavity service space is also eliminated, further reducing the dimensions required for installation.

Set Airflow According to Ceiling Height

Dual-level airflow selection is engineered to accommodate specific ceiling heights.

This is a key feature for adjusting airflow effectively when it is either too strong or too weak due to being mismatched with the height of the ceiling.

Auto Vane Control

Outlet vanes can be moved left and right, and up and down using the remote controller.

This improved airflow control feature solves the problem of drafts.

Horizontal Airflow

The new airflow control completely eliminates that uncomfortable drafty-feeling with the introduction of a horizontal airflow that spreads across the ceiling. The ideal airflow for offices and restaurants.

Built-in Weekly Timer Function

Easily set desired temperatures and operation ON/OFF times to match lifestyle patterns.

Reduce wasted energy consumption by using the timer to prevent forgetting to turn off the unit and eliminate temperature setting adjustments.

Easy set-up using dedicated buttons

The remote controller isequipped with buttons thatare used exclusively forsetting the Weekly Timer. Setting operation patterns is easy and quick.

  • Start by pushing the “SET” button and follow the instructions to set the desired patterns. Once all of the desired patterns are input, point the top end of the remote controller at the indoor unit and push the “SET” button one more time. (Push the “SET” button only after inputting all of the desired patterns into the remote controller memory. Pushing the “CANCEL” button will end the set-up process without sending the operation patterns to the indoor unit).
  • It takes a few seconds to transmit the Weekly Timer operation patterns to the indoor unit. Please continue to point the remote controller at the indoor unit until all data has been sent.

Easy Installation

Industry leading Slim Body

Inovative size which enables to fold the refrigerant piping above the unit.

Temporary hanging hook

Work efficiency has improved during installation.

Drain Piping Supporters + Drain Cover


Wi-Fi Interface Installation (Optional)

The indoor unit panel is equipped with a Wi-Fi Interface pocket, contributing to the beautiful appearance, easy installation, and maintenance.


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