The new LEV Kit may be used to connect both standard VRF indoor units and Residential line indoor units in the same VRF CITY MULTI system.


Easy installation and maintenance

The new LEV Kit is easy to install in double ceilings or dedicated niches not only because of its compact size (183 mm H x 355 mm L x 142 mm W), but also and especially because it can be installed vertically or horizontally with no condensate drain. Additionally, a maximum permissible piping length of 15 m between indoor units and the LEV Kit of

Unparalleled comfort and air quality

The quality of an environment also depends on perceived noise levels. Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners connected to a VRF CITY MULTI system using the LEV Kit offer the highest levels of acoustic comfort available today on the market.

Residential indoor units

The following variants of the MFZ-KJ floor-standing residential indoor units may now be connected with the LEV Kit:

Multi-flow vane

The air delivery vent has three deflector vanes, each with a specifically designed profile to optimise the outgoing air flow and maximise comfort in both cooling and heating mode.


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