For elegance and style, the PEA Series compliments the room environment with an aesthetically pleasing ceiling installation and a vast line-up of performance functions. Long pipe work installation is supported, increasing freedom in the placement of indoor units.


Flexible Duct Design Enables Use of High-pressure Static Fan

A flexible duct design and 150Pa external static high-pressure are incorporated.

The increased variation in airflow options ensures operation that best matches virtually all room layouts.

Long Refrigerant Piping Length

With the addition of more refrigerant, the maximum length for refrigerant piping has been increased to 100 metres.

As a result, it is much easier to create the optimum layout for unit installation.

Wide-ranging Line-up from 20–25kW – Extensive Array of Choices to Match Building Size

PAR-33MAA Group Control

The PAR-33MAA remote controller can control up to 16 systems* as a group, and is ideal for supporting the integrated management of building air conditioners.


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