Four levels of external static pressure settings Although the conventional models only had three levels of external static pressure, the new models offer four levels of external static pressure. The additional external static pressure capacity provides flexibility for duct extension, branching and air outlet configuration.


Three fan speeds (Low/Mid/High) to choose from

The conventional models had two levels of fan speed, the new models offer three levels of fan speed (Low/Mid/High). Combined with a wider selection of external static pressure levels, the new models offer optimal operation settings to suit the air-conditioning load of an Installation space.

Reduction weight

Downsizing of the motor helped reduce unit weight, offering easier installation.

The use of DC motor

The new models are equipped with high-efficiency DC motors as compared to the AC motors on older models, which reduced power consumption.

On the P80 models, power consumption is reduced by 59%*.

*Comparison made at 50 Hz, 220 V, 100 Pa Low fan speed

Optional drain pump

Use of high-efficiency DC motor for the drain pump motor on the new models reduces power consumption by 90%, in comparison to that on the conventional models.

The pump head height of 550 mm provides for greater piping design flexibility.


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