This ultra-slim 200 mm unit offers extraordinary flexibility and is particularly suitable for use in rooms where low noise and compact vertical dimensions are essential.



These units are extremely thin, at just 200 mm in height. Extremely compact width and lengths of:

7790 mm for P15 and P32 models

990 mm for P40 and P50 models

1190 mm for P63 models

May be installed easily in cramped spaces such as ceiling recesses or double ceilings.

Condensate lift pump

The VMS1 is equipped with a condensate lift pump as standard.

Adjustable static pressure

With 4 selectable static pressure settings (5, 15, 25 and 50Pa), this unit is ideal for a variety of different applications.

Adjustable air flow

Three different fan speed settings – “low”, “medium” and “high” – ensure the desired levels of comfort.

Low noise

The new design of the centrifugal fan and coil reduces noise levels.