PLA Series Hyper Heating

PLA Series Hyper Heating

Deluxe 4-way Cassette Line-up

For users seeking even further energy savings, Mitsubishi Electric now offers deluxe units (PLA-ZM) to complete the line-up of models in this series, from 35-140.

Compared to the standard models (PLA-RP), deluxe models provide additional energy savings, contributing to a significant reduction in electricity costs.

Industry-leading energy efficiency

Introduction of new R32 refrigerant realises improved cooling efficiency.

Rating of more than 7.0 achieved for all capacity range.

Introduction of new R32 refrigerant reduces energy consumption and realises energy savings.

Horizontal Airflow

The new airflow control removes that uncomfortable drafty feeling with the introduction of a horizontal airflow that spreads across the ceiling.

The ideal airflow for offices and restaurants.

Automatic Grille Lowering Function

An automatic grille lowering function is available for easy filter maintenance.

Special wired and wireless remote controllers can be used to lower the intake grille for maintenance.

Easy Installation

3D i-see Sensor for S & P SERIES

Detects number of people

3D i-see Sensor detects the number of people in the room and sets the air-conditioning power accordingly.

This makes automatic power-saving operation possible in places where the number of people entering and exiting is large.

Additionally, when the area is continuously unoccupied, the system switches to a more enhanced power-saving mode.

Depending on the setting, it will save additional capacity or stop operation altogether.

Detects people’s position

Once the position of a person is detected, the duct angle of the vane is automatically adjusted in that direction.

Each vane can be independently set to “block wind” or “not block wind” according to taste.

Detects number of people

Room occupancy energy-saving mode

The 3D i-see Sensor detects the number of people in the room.

It then calculates the occupancy rate based on the maximum number of people in the room up to that point in time in order to save air- conditioning power.

When the occupancy rate is approximately 30%, air-conditioning power equivalent to 1°C during both cooling and heating operation is saved.

The temperature is controlled according to the number of people.


No occupancy energy-saving mode

When 3D i-see Sensor detects that no one is in the room, the system is switched to a pre-set power-saving mode.

If the room remains un-occupied for more than 60min, air-conditioning power equivalent to 2°C during both cooling and heating operation is saved.

This contributes to preventing waste in terms of heating and cooling.

No occupancy Auto-OFF mode*

When the room remains unoccupied for a pre-set period of time, the air conditioner turns off automatically, thereby providing even greater power savings.

The time until operation is stopped can be set in intervals of 10min, ranging from 60 to 180 min.

* When MA Remote Controller is used to control multiple refrigerant systems,“No occupancy Auto-OFF mode” cannot be used.

Detects people’s position

Direct /Indirect settings*

Some people do not like the feel of wind, some want to be warm from head to toe.

People’s likes and dislikes vary.

With the 3D i-see Sensor, it is possible to choose to block or not block to the wind for each vane.


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