One Lossnay unit provides 24-hour ventilation for the entire house, from living room and bedrooms to the bathroom. The heat recovery system provides fresh air at a comfortable air temperature. Sensible heat exchanger effectively reduces excess humidity in the winter.  


Product Merit

Newly Developed Heat Exchanger

  • During ventilation, Lossnay recovers warmth in the winter and keeps air cool in the summer.
  • Reducing heating and cooling loads with a maximum exchange efficiency of 86%*.

Energy Efficient

  • The highest energy-saving performance in its class. (8.5W* minimum input power)
  • Saves heating and cooling costs by minimizing energy loss that occurs during ventilation.

Product Features

Each main fan speed value can be further adjusted slightly.

Use the PZ-61DR-E remote controller to adjust the speed.

  1. Considering the total hours of Lossnay opertaion (filter clogging), the fan power can be adjusted automatically after a given period of time.
  2. After the unit is installed, when if the air volume is slightly lower or higher than the desired air flow, it is possible to make a fine adjustments. (Fan speed 4 is available only 1 down and 2 down)

Multi Ventilation (Power Supply and Exhausted) Mode

This mode allows the air supply/ exhaust balance to be varied dynamically.

The supply/ exhaust balance can be selected to suit the usage environment.

Weekly Timer

Operation patterns for each day of the week. ON/OFF and airflow can be set using the weekly timer function (up to eight zones per day).

This function contributes to enhanced energy-saving operation.


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