CITY MULTI ZUBADAN line combines the ultimate in application flexibility and powerful cooling and heating capabilities to deliver precise comfort even in the coldest days of the year down to -25°C. The technology behind this is a Flash Injection circuit which provides optimum amount of refrigerant to the system via a compressor through a specially designed injection port to ensure a particularly stable operation. With this, ZUBADAN can provide a full heating performance even at -15°C and continuous heating for up to 250 minutes in one continuous cycle, ensuring a phenomenal heating performance at low temperatures.


Stable Heating Performance even at -15°C

Using an industry first “Flash-injection Circuit”, the ZUBADAN System is able to provide FULL heating performance in ambient temperatures as low as -15°C

Expanded Heating Operation down to -25°C

Furthermore, from a previous LOWEST operating ambient temperature of -20°C, the ZUBADAN System pushes the boundaries of technology to give heating in ambient temperatures as low as -25°C.

Shorter Warm-up in about 20 Min.

With its new improved startup performance, the ZUBADAN system achieves full heating capacity even when outdoor temperature is as low as -15°C.

Heating capacity, about 20 minutes after startup is improved by 40% compared to the conventional model; ensuring occupants an immediate comfortable air solution.

Flash Injection Circuit

One of the key factors of the units newly designed Flash Injection Circuit is that the optimal amount of refrigerant can be provided to the system via the compressor through a specially designed injection port to ensure a particularly stable operation.

In simple terms, the system allows a quick startup time and continuous heating; even in low ambient conditions.

Constant comfort

With its new highly effective defrost feature (which prevents automatic defrosting when it is not required), the ZUBADAN System can deliver conditioned heating operation up to 250 minutes in one continuous cycle!


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