ELER Hotel

A prestigious hotel in Tirana has utilized an air conditioning system from Mitsubishi Electric to maintain the comfort and calm of its luxurious environment. Eler Hotel welcomes you to the heart of the city. Located on the Durresi Street, the hotel puts you within walking distance to Ring Center Shopping Mall, Tirana City Centre (Skanderbeg Square), Blloku area, and Myslym Shyri Shopping Street. At the Eler Hotel Tirana, guests can find something to indulge their taste from distinctive restaurants and bars near the area.


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Hotel owners had noticed that they need to offer maximum comfort to their guests with air conditioned rooms. One of the key challenges for the new system installment was to provide a flexible solution to meet the varying requirements of the hotel, but one which would also fit in with the aesthetics of the building.

UNI-KLIMA, was tasked with the installment of the new system which would ensure to fulfill all the needs and requirements of the hotel. Therefore, engineering staff of UNI-KLIMA utilized a City Multi Outdoor unit that serves ultra-thin ceiling-concealed ducted indoor units which provide air condition in the hotel rooms. City Multi is a flexible system, which can offer a complete heating and cooling solution for a building by distributing heat and cool air to rooms where it is needed. CITY MULTI R2 series offers the ultimate in freedom and flexibility. Cool one zone while heating another and at the same time heating sanitary water almost for free.




The entire installation was very simple and more than met the requirements of the client. The additional Noise levels have also been kept to a bare minimum thanks to the quiet operation of the City Multi solution.

Units used