Non-Public College Luarasi

The brand new building of Luarasi University occupies an area of 2, 500 m2. Luarasi University is one of the first non-public educational institution in Albania with a clear purpose: building an excellence center of education and scientific research. The development strategy of the institution is focused based on three core concepts of education: teaching, research and community contribution.



Luarasi openes its doors to 200 new students every year for its two Faculties: Faculty of Economy and Faculty of Justice.

To bring their vision to life for an efficient system, that would be fit for purpose for many years to come, Luarasi Council decided to contract Uni-Klima Sh.p.k.

Luarasi was very conscious of what they wanted: a unique system which covers the demand for heating, cooling and ventilation, but overall a cost-effective energy efficient system.

After a deep analysis, Uni-Klima Engineering Department decided to build a City Multi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) system which will include 10 PUHY-P outdoor units and 65 PEFY-P indoor units.


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PUHY-P series of Mitsubishi Electric is designed to offer the highest energy efficiency levels in large areas by achieving a rate EER 4.31 and Cop 4.43. Meanwhile, the refrigerant used in the system is R410- the preferred refrigerant for use in residential and commercial air conditioners in Japan, Europe and the United States.




Engineers decided to install PEFY-P indoor units. PEFY-P are very compact, energy-saving units, which offer a great performance in heating and cooling process.